Thursday, 28 February 2013

AVP: "Young Tusk" Predator Youngblood

He is just gaining his reputation...
The first trophy of a successful hunt. The Elder of his clan will be proud.
I went with the same colours that I already used painting "Eager Youth". The miniature is a repainted Horrorclix action figure.
The recipe for a successful hunter: Cloaking Device, Melee Claws, Ceremonial Armor and Plasma Caster.
Young Tusk is the second of my Predator Youngbloods. Like his brother Eager Youth he just claimed his first trophy, lifting him into the caste of the true warriors of his clan.
I painted both the same way, symbolizing their bond as brothers. Since Youngbloods lack the experience of elite or elder Predators, they are allowed to hunt in packs of 2-3 warriors until they reach a certain reputation. I have plans to add at least two (maybe three) more Youngbloods to chose from for AVP miniature gameplay. After those its the heros next: elite and elder Yautja.

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