Sunday, 9 September 2012

AVP: Colonial Marines Squad 1

US Colonial Marines Squad 1 (Woodbine Miniatures)
From left to right: Pfc. Hudson, Cpl. Dietrich, Pvt. Drake, Pvt. Frost
Pvt. Drake wielding a M56 "Smartgun", Pvt. Frost with M41 "Pulse Rifle".
Drake's Smartgun has been modified with scratchbuilt parts, bases are from Fenris Games.
Pfc. Hudson with Motion Tracker and M41 "Pulse Rifle", Cpl. Dietrich with M240 Flamethrower.

Pfc. Hudson is one of the platoon's Electronic Techs, Cpl. Dietrich applies her skills as a Medic.
I know the question will come up: comparison shot with my Power Loader.

So here goes: my first Colonial Marines for AVP. Using bases from Fenris Games excellent "Sulaco" series (25mm) and the beautiful collection of Woodbine's military Sci-Fi miniatures in 28mm for a pleasing result.

The Colonial Marines' platoons are broken down into two sections of two squads each, lead by a Lieutenant. The sections are lead by Sergeants, while the squads are under command of a Corporal.

The squad displayed might not stay like that, but its already consisting out of all the necessary miniatures - a leader (Dietrich), a Smartgunner (Drake) and two grunts (Frost and Hudson). Squads can be split once again into fire teams of two Marines each.

My complete first section (under GySgt. Apone) will be based upon the characters of "Aliens". Section two will consist out of all characters from the AVP trading card game from the 90's. This will give me enough Marines, to have two players controlling the USCMC for my forthcoming game.

Woodbine doesn't do "official" US Colonial Marines. The Pulse Rifles and Smartgun clearly are inspired by the movie but have been altered, probably due to copyright concerns. Their entire range (I will soon have all available ones) has all miniatures to display the whole movie's characters - to include the supporting individuals, like the Dropship's flight crew, Ripley, Burke etc. They are a little cartoony, but to me are probably the best "true" 28mm USCMC on the market.

Lesson learned so far: I just can't paint faces. Lots of practise should go into that topic :-/
Let me know what you think - especially about the camo!


Gowan James Ditchburn said...

very nice work! these guys can now defeat (or be eaten by) hords of aliens

Anonymous said...

camo looks good to me - i like the metallic nicks for wear and tear. as far as faces they look good but a bit pale (from the camera maybe?) so maybe another sepia wash. with 28mm, less is more for faces i think so avoid trying to paint eyeballs - they always look huge to me IMHO.