Monday, 10 December 2012

Tomorrow's War meets Battletech: House Davion's "Raven" finished

The RVN-3L was House Liao's attempt to create a Mech specificly for electronic warfare. With the on-going border clashes between Liao and the Federated Suns, a few have fallen into House Davion's hands.   
The miniature is a MW:DA repaint with some minor modification, like the SRM-6 launcher that I have added to the right torso.
This front shot reveals the Harpoon SRM-6 rack that I have added to the right torso. The grey areas underneath the cockpit (the "beak" of the Raven) are supposed to resemble Active Probe and ECM domes.

I had to add some rocks to the base to give the Raven a little more height. The MW:DA miniature is nice, but a bit small.

Main armament of the Raven, whose function is to shield its accompanying Mechs from enemy sensors, are two Ceres Arms Medium Lasers and a Harpoon SRM-6 rack.

With the Apple Churchill "Guiding Light" NARC beacon, the Raven provides a magnet for LRMs launched by friendly units, while the nose mounted TAG helps targeting Arrow IV artillery accordingly. 
Since the introduction of ECM into the PC game Mechwarrior Online, the RVN-3L has become quite popular. Everyone seems to run one now. As I kind of liked the look of the Mech provided in TRO: 3050, I was happy to find the MW:DA miniature being not too much off.
I think the Raven will serve my recon lance perfectly.

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Gowan James Ditchburn said...

nice little walker there... it looks quite spooky thank goodness its not jet black or I would have nightmares