Tuesday, 1 October 2013

AVP: "B" gun is dry. Twenty on "A". Testing the Senty Gun Scenario.

Before I'll continue the campaign of Aliens with the girls, I wanted to try out Michael's Sentry Gun scenario. After all, I don't want to look like I don't know the rules when we will play tomorrow :-)

So, I've set up the board and took some (rather sloppy) pics on the way through the game.

Guns deployed, temperature counters on zero, 20 Alien models to pick from.
The scenario is rather straight forward. Hicks orders Hudson and Vasquez to set up sentry guns in the tunnel leading to "Operations". Some of the barricades made by the colonists are still there, slowing down the Xenomorph's movement (they do not block LOS).

Basicly, you take control over four sentry guns A, B, C and D and fire them just like a regular Marine's action. The sentry guns cannot move, however, they can freely decide whether to "cool down" one point one the temperature level or spend the action for aiming. Each gun has three actions per round which are for free. The controlling player can decide to keep aiming and firing after those three free actions. Every such action raises the temperature by 1. The Sentry Guns can be kept firing by using additional actions, until they reach 10 on the heat scale which will lead to their shut-down. Only the free actions may be used to "cool down". Sentry Guns make use of the machine gun special rules.
The Aliens have to try to overcome the Sentry Guns and run towards the tunnel named "To Operations". Each bug doing so will be kept in a pool of additional Aliens available in "Operations / Air Ducts". The game lasts for 15 rounds.
Twenty Aliens are available in this scenario. For each tunnel you roll a D10 with the result showing the amount of Xenomorphs entering that hallway. Roll for the exact spawn location for every Alien Warrior.

Beginning with round two, you roll the D10 again for each of the two hallways, using the results to determine how many will spawn there. Should the results be higher than the currently available models (20 in total), you instead split them evenly for both hallways and in addition to that, all Aliens already on the board gain a bonus activation that they must spend to run closer to the guns.

This bonus action may not be used to overcome the guns. Aliens using bonus actions will stop in front of the Sentry Guns. This leads to extreme tension in this scenario!

An extremly high die roll on spawning Aliens leads to "C" gun's raising temperature right from the start.
After a few turns, the Aliens reached their first bonus activation, leading to a Xenomorph wave attack on guns "C" and "D".
Good to hit rolls on guns "C" and "D" ease the tension, but now the other hallway gets rushed and temperature raises.

I am looking forward to see how many Aliens the girls are going to shred and if any will be able to bypass the guns. They rescued all Marines in "The Reactor Room". It will be fun to watch if they can rescue Newt and Ripley through the "Air Ducts" scenario.

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