Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Battle For Skira: 1/72 scale UH-1Y Venom conversion finished

Today I have finished the base for my Huey conversion. I took an Italeri 1/72 scale Twin Huey and converted it into the latest UH-1Y "Venom" (Super Huey) by using parts of a Revell AH-1W Cobra, an Olimp Models Resin Whisky Cobra Upgrade Set and an Italeri Bell 412 as well as a Kitech AH-1Z Viper. The Low-Viz decals were part of the Olimp set.

The base itself is a flat oval one from Gripping Beast, with the clear plastic flyer rod coming from GW. I have used standard materiel: flock from Busch, Clump Foliage (summer) from Gale Force 9 and summer grass tufts from Noch. Colours used were black for primer, Tamiya Flat Earth followed by drybrushing with Vallejo Iraqi Sand.

There is a whole "work in progress" run of posts on my blog, just click the labels underneath this post to find related contributions and pictures from the build.

Anyway, on to some pictures of the finished Venom, call-sign "Star Force 21":

"Star Force 21" dropping off USMC Force Recon "Team Razor" (all from ARMA II)
ready for a gun run with M134 minigun and Hydra rockets (SHQ Vietnam chopper door gunner)
GAU-21 heavy MG and Hydra rockets (and another SHQ door gunner)


Donogh said...

Great work Chris (and fast too!)

Anonymous said...

Simply lovely!

Pawn Cocktail said...

Fantastic work! Looks brilliant.

Juha said...

Absolutely fine job, put's some respect on one but also inspires! Stunning conversion!

Nick Grant said...


Unknown said...

This is a fantastic model, I would love to have this model for my collection of 1/72 USMC aircraft, both fixed-wing and rotor-wing.