Tuesday 15 October 2013

Battle For Skira: USMC Star Force 21 WIP #8 "Weathering"

The weathering of my USMC UH-1Y "Venom", call-sign "Star Force 21" has been completed over the weekend.

The decals have been added, the details painted and then I went crazy with the oil paints. :-)

I let the pictures speak for themselves. I have to be honest, I am not completely satisfied with my painting skills. The colours are too thick in some places. Well, every project is helping to learn and improve though!


Barks said...

I think it looks amazing! Well done!

Anonymous said...

Except for the exhaust being maybe (and only maybe) a little bit too strong, I can see nothing wrong with your paintjob!

OneBadMonkee said...

I think it looks pretty cool. The exhaust marks look a bit strong to me, but that's just me.
As you mentioned, one learns and improves with each new project, so your next chopper can only get better!

Nick Grant said...

I think it looks outstanding! And the best part of it is that you get to play with it, not just look at itan a shelf! Great stuff.'