Monday, 3 August 2015

Otomo Command Lance "Awesome" Mech

"Awesome" Battlemech

My very first Classic Battletech miniature: an "Awesome" Mech for my Otomo Regiment of House Kurita. They use a flat black scheme with golden ornaments. I figured stylized flames could not be wrong on a Mech serving the Dragon himself. :-) Enjoy!

Yes, I know: some moldlines are still visible. Damn 25th anniversary boxed set plastics aren't exactly high quality...

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Wouter said...

Awesome indeed, he looks great. The freehand gives him a lot of character.
I have the set too, the terrible mouldlines are what's holding me back to paint the mechs.
So it is nice to see some other people their plastic painted mechs to get me going again :-).