Monday, 24 August 2015

"Trojan Horses" (Luthien Scenario Pack): 1st Jaguar Guards Command Star

With the Otomo Command Lance finished, I am going to paint up the Command Star of the 1st Jaguar Guards next.
With help of the community in the Battletech forum I was also able to decide whether the 1st Jaguar Guards are going to be part of Alpha or Beta Galaxy. Most sources claim them to be with Beta which will lead them to be painted in the scheme of the "Mistweavers". Unfortunately there are some inconsitencies with the lore in the older FASA book. :-/

The Star is a mix of 5 Omni Mechs of various weight class and consists out of two old Citytech plastics and three Ral Partha pewter figures.

Left to right:
Loki (Hellbringer), Daishi (Dire Wolf), Vulture (Mad Dog), Timberwolf (Mad Cat), Ryoken (Stormcrow)

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