Monday 23 May 2016

The eagle has landed.. or is it a THUNDERHAWK?!?!

OMG, I am so excited. Last Tuesday morning I won an ebay auction that I really didn't think I would get. Starting bid was 100€ for a scratchbuilt Thunderhawk for 40k. The whole thing is supposed to be the size of Forgeworld's original and is a full resin cast weighing something close to 2kg. Today I got shipping confirmation, so the pics I provide here are from the previous owner's ebay auction. I hope to have this baby in my hands by the end of the week. By the way, I got it for the starting bid ;-)

The pictures shows that I will need to put some work into this thing, but it looks good enough to be turned into a great model. I am not sure if it will ever see tabletop action (maybe for a scenario), but it for sure will look great on my shelves. I still have plenty of vehicle bitz to improve the cast here and there with more details. Really looking forward to this one.

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Pawn Cocktail said...

Nice haul! Looking forward to seeing this all put together.