Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Alien VS Predator The Hunt Begins update

A couple of days ago Prodos finally has sent me a shipment notefication and a tracking number from UPS for my Kickstarter Pledge. It was "partially sent" now and took about a week to arrive in Germany (from their depot in Poland).

I now received a collection of

-Kickstarter exclusive core game (2x)
-Kickstarter exclusive Predator Berserker (1x)
-Predator Hounds (set of two miniatures, 2x)
-Alien Royal Guard (2x)
-Alien Crusher (2x)
-Alien Warriors (set of five miniatures, 2x)
-Alien Stalkers (set of five miniatures, 1x)
-Predalien (1x)
-Alien Facehuggers (set of 5, 1x)
-Colonial Marines' Lt. Linn Kurosawa (1x)
-Colonial Marines (pack of five, 2x)
-Wayland-Yutani Commandos (set of five miniatures, 2x)
-Colonial Marines Powerloader (3x)
-one retail version of the core game

I am still missing:
-my free Female Predator
-2 free additional Facehuggers
-a set of heads and guns

That's quite a heavy (the parcel was!) collection. Maybe I'll start to partially assemble and paint it this summer. I'll keep you guys posted.

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