Friday, 14 October 2016

Classic Space Hulk blog #10 part II

The Cult rises! Finished off another set of models today. All weapon combinations shown are made for Space Hulk. However, since Genestealer Cults have just been reintroduced to Warhammer 40k, I figured that some Hybrids with pistols could easily carry some demolition charges in their free hands.

I did not have any of the new bits so these were built completely from scratch using masking tape, broken off 1st edition SH Terminator's antennas and some cut down RTB01 box Beaky Marine scanner device. How do you like them?

Another hybrid I finished today is carrying a Laspistol and Power Sword combination. For 40k he will count as regular Acolyte.

 I also figured you guys would appreciate a shot of all Hybrids finished so far - so here you go:

And last but not least: the WIP shot and some preview on what's on the table ;-)


Wouter said...

Nice walkies! (And the rest looks great too of course 😉)

stonecoldlead said...

Pretty damn sweet! :)