Sunday, 20 September 2009

Generic Iraqi Force: ZIL and T-55 finished !!

First pic shows spent 23mm ammo shells made from 2mm long pieces of 0,8mm thick copper wire, second the finally finished ZIL-157 with ZU-23-2 AA gun (removable to turn the truck into resupply vehicle) and the T-55 tank.


Al said...

You have a great Blog, keep the posts coming.



Chris M. aka "Sgt. Scream" said...

Thanks, mate.

Vasell / Lukas said...

Great blog an great miniatures. In the moment I'm getting into all these 20mm modern things and your blog is a great inspiration.
I even like your Iraqi "army",but what about some Bundeswehr soldiers in the future?

Chris M. aka "Sgt. Scream" said...

@Vasell: I do have a full platoon of year 1996 Bundeswehr Panzergrenadiere. :-) I just did never show it around this blog. Maybe in the future.