Thursday, 8 July 2010

Modern US Army: M136 (AT-4) armed soldiers

M136 or AT-4 as it is also known, are the modern US Army's light, shoulder launched anti-tank weapon.
I created three of them, so I can add one to each of my three squads. It's a one-shot weapon. I used Britannia Miniatures' model of an Army soldier firing the AT-4, while the two soldiers carrying the missile over the shoulder with a strap are converted RH Liberation figures. Rolf does the AT-4 and he does soldiers, for an unknown reason he does not sell a miniature actually being armed with an AT-4. So I ordered all parts and used green stuff to make shoulder straps. It turned out quite good. The white writing is my attempt to depict the warning labels that can be found on the launcher tube.


GEM Team said...

Love the detail

Unknown said...

Very nice. Well done.