Tuesday, 10 August 2010

The Guild Forum Big Game 2010: Red Tide!

As many of the followers of this blog might already know, I am involved in a lot of wargaming related forums around the internet. One of these, The Guild, will have what we are calling a "Big Game" this weekend, located in Ireland.
Around 20 forum members will meet there to fight a "what if" game, set in the late 1980's somewhere in Germany, near a medium sized town, called "Minden". It's all fictious and will try to depict how cold war would have looked like if would have ever went hot.
I am not directly involved (unfortunately - I would have loved to, believe me!), but I asked for permission along my fellow forum members to use their pictures and show the rest of the world out there, what you can actually achieve, playing 20mm sized "moderns". No doubt you all will see how attractive this period in history can be for wargaming.
The tables shown above are 6x8 feet and the centre one is 8x8 feet - they just appear so small due to being located in a really huge warehouse. One of them has the "Minden Canal" on, so after the bridges are blown we might even see some bridgelayer actions. I know some WarPac gamers have bought T-55 with bridges. Obviously they had good intel.. :-D
More to come at the weekend (when the game is "on").

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- Peabody said...

It's great that you are bringing this to the world at large Chris!
Carry on.