Saturday, 18 December 2010

Sneak Peek - Osprey Publishing "Operation Enduring Freedom" pics

The first pic above is Piers' favourite. An exclusive sneak peek of the work that is going to be included in the forthcoming Osprey releases. This one goes into "Operation Enduring Freedom" - one of the supplements coming next year. The pic has been giving to me exclusively to be shown in my blog - thank you very much, mate. I really appreciate that and I am sure so do you guys out there, too!

I just received two pictures of Ambush Alley Games' senior In-House-Painter and Miniature-Photographer Piers Brand (aka "Big P from GMG"), showing what you can imagine to get in Osprey Publishing's forthcoming Force On Force Supplement "Operation Enduring Freedom". These are an exclusive sneak peak for all you supporters of the game out there!

Oh boy - and what outstanding eye candy they are! Well done, Piers!

"Operation Enduring Freedom" - coming to you in 2011.

Miniatures shown from Elhiem Figures (see my blog listing of sources for 20mm goodies), buildings in the background from Britannia.

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