Friday, 24 December 2010

Tomorrow's War meets Battletech Update

Sometimes you'll find out that even wargaming can be "try and error". The Macross models I ordered in 1/100 scale stand about 15cm - 17cm tall. WAY TOO BIG for what I want them to resemble (tank equivalents). :-(
Now I spent an endless night searching the internet and found the exact same models again, but this time in roughly 1/200 scale. This means they are going to be about 3 inches tall. About three to four times a 15mm miniature in height/width. Perfect!! (that is like an M1A1 Abrams proportions compared to his crew, so that's exactly how I imagine my war walkers)

There is also the old Wizkids Mechwarrior "Clix" system, that has some Battletech designs in a size that would fit a medium or light class "Armoured Battle Suit".
I got myself two "Targe" from those for bargain off ebay. They are also so cheap, that I'll get some designs just to kitbash their arms and missile racks for conversions. This way one and the same Mech chassis will suit different gaming needs (like modern IFV chassis often come with different weapons for different battlefield roles). Once all the stuff (there are about 12 different items from around the world on their way to Germany at the moment) has arrived I will review them and show a comparison before painting them up.


Arquinsiel said...

Battlemechs are very, very, VERY large. I once played at 28mil scale, and the average mech on the table was about 30CM tall, if not more.

Chris M. aka "Sgt. Scream" said...

I know they are, but mine shall represent a tank equivalent, not the giant battlemachines they normally are. I might keep one or two of the big sized kits to represent actual titanic sized battlemachines though. ;-)

Arquinsiel said...

At 15mil scale then go look here:

There average model here would be roughly the same height as a 30mil human.

Chris M. aka "Sgt. Scream" said...

I know these models. They would be a tad too small in my opinion. The only ones from Ral Partha that would look ok are their very expensive "Museum Scale" mechs. These I'll get one day for "Clan" factions. Mechwarrior Dark Age (the wizkids clicky stuff) works fine (some at least) and so do the 1/200 scale models. I'll post pics once I get them.

Hayden said...

have you look into heavy gear from DP9? i know they aren´t from battletech but there are cool! you got big striders and then cool models for Power armoured guys:)