Monday, 3 October 2011

FlaRakPz Roland for my mid-'90s Bundeswehr

A pretty simple conversion. A Revell 1/72 Marder 1A3 was combined with the Roland missile turret of a Rocco Minitanks Roland.

Although the turret is 1/87 it doesn't look too small in my opinion.

A GW 25mm base does the trick: I used it to increase the height of the turret.

Looking at it from this angle shows that you can actually mix some different scales on some models. ;-)
I have a platoon of mid-'90s Panzergrenadiere that I never showed in my blog. I will take some pics the coming days and post them too.

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Geckoah said...

Hi there
You may be pleased to find out that S&S Models now have a Marder Roland, which I mastered this summer. It uses the old S&S Marder resin hull completely modified for the Roland role. The turret is a mix of white metal and resin. The Missile arms and Radar dishes can be posed in any Position. I also readied a series of Hotchkiss Kurz APC in the 5 mpst common Versions. Regards Alex