Thursday, 6 October 2011

100,000 views. I am speechless

Hi there,
well I just clicked my own blog today and there it is: 100,000 views as of this morning! I can barely describe how that feels. This is nothing but my private little non-profit portal showing around my hobby stuff and talk about releases of friends' little miniature companies. That I would reach more than 100,000 views within one year I wouldn't have thought possible.

Some of you that follow blogger on a regular basis might have noticed that it was a little quiet over the summer months. Obviously there are reasons. For one that I am going through some rough times with a family member being seriously ill and for second, because I have started a second blog (yeah, that's right - another one) that completely will cover my Warhammer 40,000 related hobby endeavours. You can find it at
Last but not least I am also still into developement and testing of Force On Force supplements and I have to take care of two forums of which I am a moderator, which means I have to read a lot and take care of "my" communities (of which most are grown up enough to basicly run on their own).

So what's going to happen here in the future? Well, we at Ambush Alley Games have another bunch of books coming up soon. Ambush Valley Vietnam will be released this month (October) as well as Tomorrow's War going to follow right away.

Work continues on another four main supplements for release next year and some additional projects that are supporting Force On Force but aren't exactly Osprey releases (which means they will probably be .pdf download only).

My moderns are on hold at this moment for I am painting 40k stuff en masse (watch the blog!). Nevertheless I have decided to finish off the mid-'90s Bundeswehr that I started years ago, I have artillery support for both, Marines and Army (US) on my painting table and the ever present Chinese PLA will get finished hopefully later this year.

I'd like to thank all of you who visit this blog and comment about my stuff. I also would like to say "thanks" to Brian, Rob, Shaun, Mathew and all other vendors who allow me to bring their latest stuff in my hobby news section. You are supporting our hobby by fulfilling our wishes!

Thanks to all of you, who also are members at the AAG forum, The Guild and the German GW-Fanworld ("moderns" part of the forum) for your support, your criticism and nice comments. You are a great community that I am glad to be member of.

Once again my personal gratitude to Piers (aka Big P from GMG) who brought me into this - its all your fault, mate! :-D


Colonel Shofer said...

Well Done !!


ByzantineFalcon said...

You have some great stuff on here, this blog is one of the ones that got me motivated to start my own. Keep at it!

Also, thanks for the work you do with AAG on the forums and such.

El Senyor Verd said...

Congratulations. Keep the good work!

airhead said...

Great work, keep it coming.

All the best


Monty said...

Excellent news!