Sunday, 30 October 2011

Tomorrow's War meets Battletech: House Davion's "Shadow Hawk" painted

Another one of the famous N-scale "unseen" designs. This is an 1/144 scale plastic kit from the Dougram animated tv show.

I will change my plans. No more 15mm. I am going to use Mechwarrior Dark Age 10mm figures as they appear to be more in scale with the Mech's cockpit.

Martel Model 5 Medium laser (arm), Holly Long Range Missiles (shoulder) and Armstrong J11 Autocannon (other shoulder) in firing position

Armstrong J11 cannon in upright position and jump jets. Note the head-mounted Holly Short Range Missile pack.

Side view with more details of the armament. Warning labels included ;-)

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Chad Thorson said...

Mechwarrior had better scaling but I prefer the old rip off mechs that Fasa used. The Clan mechs got a little silly.

Still, I'd be interested in seeing how the Tomorrow's War rules work for Battletech.