Saturday, 10 December 2011

Iraq Terrain - 2 storey residence/shop (work in progress)

I am going to expand my terrain collection for Iraq games with Force On Force by a couple of "urban" buildings. While I do already have a lot of houses, most of them are rather "rural" by their shape and size.

This is going to change now. For quite some month there was this unbuilt Stonewall Combat Scenics "two storey residence/shop" lying around my stash of unbuilt stuff. It was only a couple of days ago when I realized it is a) missing parts (roof and some doors) and b) doesn't fit at all.
This was the worst piece of terrain I ever came accross. But it doesn't help me - I need to get it fixed.
So here is what I came up with - tons of materials from even more sources.

The building like I said is from Stonewall. I had to replace the missing roof with styrene sheet.
Thanks to not fitting at all, plenty of putty was used all around. The satellite dishes are from S&S as are the bigger air conditioners.
Rooftop mounted AC are from S&S, lamps by POLA (H0 scale), the balcony is from another kit by Lasermodellbau (Najewitz), the corrugated metal shed from a Conrad Garage in H0 scale.
An old measuring cup with H-profile styrene sheet underneath makes a good water tank. The smaller AC units are also from Lasermodellbau.
The electrical collector was made from scratch, using Italeri parts.

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