Monday, 19 December 2011

Iraq Terrain - 2 storey residence/shop (work in progress)

Some of the latest pics show recent progress. I finished off most of the details that still were to paint and added posters and shop signs.
The sand that was put into place at the lower end of the building was to conceal the flaws of the house (many of them). I've painted it to match bases and my desert gaming board.

I also painted the sidewalk that goes all around the building. The yellow and white stripes are typical for Iraq (they really have them).

The water tank and the electrical collectors got their rusty finish.

You may have noticed that also the satellite dishes have been attached now.

The corrugated metal roof has turned out better than expected. Probably the part I like most on the building.

Rooftop air cons painted now and Pola lamps attached.


WarRaptor said...

Wow wow wow more great stuff

Eyescream said...

Hey Scream! Another one of your incredible Projects. Where do you have the Advertisings from. My search via google didn't comfort me...

Greetings Eyescream aka Nimmysson_1 from the deleted BFE Forum