Friday, 29 June 2012

Battle For Skira: USMC infantry bits

There we are: finally there is also some US Marines for the forthcoming Battle For Skira campaign. I just started with the first few things that I was able to grab and it happens to be the second set of US specials by Elhiem (medic and breacher), the Forces Of Valor soldier with wounded comrade (again)and a M240 medium MG team consisting out of RH Liberation modern US miniatures.

 Left to right: RH Liberation modern US rfileman (standing) and M240 gunner (kneeling) to form a weapons team, FoV plastic soldier with wounded comrade, Elhiem breacher with shotgun and Elhiem medic (it would be called Navy Corpsman in this case).
 What I really like about Rolf's minis (RH Liberation) is the fact, that the rifleman actually carries a box of 7,62mm link :-) Perfect to be part of a weapons team.
This is my desperate try to bring the miniatures closer to my light source so you can have a better look at my MARPAT (woodland) pattern. I tried my best, guess it looks fine for 20mm figs.


Gowan James Ditchburn said...

cool. Nice figures good luck with the game(s)

Ben B. said...

The MARPAT looks great for woodland; I don't like the look of it in real life though. The breacher is too cool! Nice figures

Bluewillow said...

nice, great basing btw!!!