Friday, 15 June 2012

The Dragon Rises: Lie Shou (Hunter) Air Defense System WIP

Progress was made over the recent days. As I already pointed out to, the next topic is SAM sites for the PLA coastal defenses. I had finished the QW-2 shoulder-launched SAM teams last year. Now its time to add the medium ranged launchpads. Funnily enough, Codemasters (who made "Dragon Rising", the PC game my campaign is based upon) seems to have made up these launchers as I was unable to find proof for their existance online.

The missile depicted does exist - its called PL-12/SD-10 - and seems to be a clone of the similar US-built AMRAAM and SPARROW air-to-air-missiles.

Just like the US have made tests with the so-called SL-AMRAAM made by Raytheon built onto a HMMWV as a launchpad, the Chinese were creating the LS-2 ADS (Lie Shou 2 Air Defense System), mounted on a DongFeng EQ2050, which is a copy of the Humvee.

Since the launcher seen in those screenshots seems not to be a real thing, I will call it Lie Shou (Hunter) ADS for my campaign (meaning its an older version of what became the Humvee-clone mounted LS 2 ADS). I really like the looks of these towed autonomous SAM sites mounted on small trailers. This is how they look in "Dragon Rising":

The Special Forces teams have to destroy various SAM sites in order to clear the airspace to call in coalition air support and troop transports via helicopter. There will be more various anti-air systems for my campaign but let's start with my scratch built version of the screenshots:

There is plenty of parts that went into this. Undercarriage from GRAN's SA-2, wheels from RH Liberations' ZPU-4, main body made from Revell Tiger HAP helo's missile pod and a Italeri Leopard 1's search light, missiles and launch rails from Hasegawa's Aircraft missile set etc.

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dylan said...

You're right. It doesn't exist as a launcher - although the missiles themselves definitely exist.

Gowan James Ditchburn said...

very good. the inginuity that has gone into it is amazing

AHunt said...

You nailed the look from the video game perfectly.

Andy said...

Superb Chris, the dragon rising thread is superb looking forward to more