Saturday, 2 June 2012

The Dragon Rises: Kh-41 Moskit (Sunburn) launcher WIP

I finally have gathered all the components to realise mission objectives for my Battle For Skira project. The "Sunburn Site".
In the campaign USMC Force Recon units are supposed to neutralize the threat composed of Chinese Anti-Ship missiles (Kh-41 Moskit alias "Sunburn"), so the fleet is able to establish a bridgehead on the shores of Skira and land heavier units. I want my mission objective to look like the screenshot of the PC game "Dragon Rising":

I use a diecast 1/72 HIMARS system to resemble the truck, combined with a launch pad for an 1/72 S-2 Redline SAM (GRAN) and the resin missile of Armory's 1/72 Kh-41 Moskit kit.

This is how its more or less going to look like:
Obviously that's not final. The rubber tires are missing to allow easier painting and the missile has not been removed of any flash yet.

stay tuned!


Andy said...

That is a very cool project look forward to seeing it finished

Gowan James Ditchburn said...

looks like an awsome project. I wish I could see more of this game :-D

Paul said...

Good thinking and application.