Thursday, 24 January 2013

AVP: Colonial Marines Drop Ship Crew and Synthetic

Supporting Characters: Drop Ship Crew with (from left to right) W/O Pfc. Spunkmeyer, Pilot Cpl. Ferro and Synthetic (Android) "Bishop"
Both also being trained riflemen, Ferro and Spunkmeyer carry M41 "Pulse Rifles". Cpl. Ferro also has a VP-70 pistol for back-up. Since they are the designated crew of the Marine's dropship they do not wear M3 Body Armor. Bishop solely being a scientist and medic is prohibited to bear any small arms or rifles all together.
All three are Woodbine Miniatures. Bases from Fenris Games' Sulaco series. Note that Spunkmeyer had a head swap with a figure out of Gripping Beast's 28mm  Mo-Fo 1.9: 1990s US Downed Helicopter Crew 
Both flight crew members have USCM badges on their sleeves.
On the left arm: US flag and rank insignia (Corporal in case of Ferro, with Spunkmeyer's being invisible due to rolled up sleeves)
Next batch of US Colonial Marines figures finished. With the dropship's pilot Ferro and her weapon systems officer Spunkmeyer I now have all Marines painted for first platoon as it was seen in ALIENS. The Synthetic "Bishop" makes it complete.
The figures were put onto Sulaco series bases from Fenris Games. I used the miniatures as they were, but didn't like the head of the figure that was supposed to be Spunkmeyer. Its hair were way to long for what was an almost clean shaven soldier in the movie.
I used another 28mm figure's pilot helmet wearing head and replaced the hippie-like looking one.  Since the green jumpsuits of the flight crew alone would have been a little boring, I tried once again to add all the colourful badges of the USCM to their uniform.
Bishop's clothes in the movie were a blue to greyish looking like overall, so there wasn't much colour to paint on the miniature apart from a clipboard with some notes that he holds in his hands.

Next will be some civilians, especially those that I need to make the movie setting work and also some sentry guns. Bear with me, there is more to come.

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