Saturday, 26 January 2013

AVP: some work in progress...

Free Hugs !!!
Pendraken's Facehugger (normally a monster for 10mm Sci-Fi) suit 28mm well as the classic Facehugger like they were seen in the Alien movies.
Today I've been mostly sculpting with Green Stuff. Since the Pendraken Huggers are coming on a small base that is almost impossible to be removed without damaging the miniature, I had to do something to make them look right on a 25mm base. I decided to create the Alien Hive structure that was seen in Aliens with green stuff and wrap it around the Facehugger. Some bits cut from Warhammer Fantasy Skeleton Steeds create the skeletal structure that was seen in the movie. It looks a bit rough in the pics above, but since the putty hasn't completely dried, I could not cut the plastic bits into exact pieces matching the bases yet. This will be done before I paint them.

Burke, Ripley, 1Lt. Campbell and some shooty bits for the humans are next on the list.

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