Sunday, 13 January 2013

AVP: Colonial Marines Squad 2

The complete first section, with squads #1 and #2 (Woodbine Miniatures).
US Colonial Marines Squad 2 (Woodbine Miniatures)
From left to right: Pvt. Wierzbowski, Cpl. Hicks, Pfc. Vasquez, Pvt. Crowe
Pvt. Wierzbowski wielding a M240 Flamethrower, Cpl. Hicks with M37 Shotgun
Bases are from Fenris Games' Sulaco series, Cpl. Hicks also has a M41 "Pulse Rifle" strapped to his back.
Pfc. Vasquez wielding a M56 "Smartgun", Pvt. Crowe armed with a M41 "Pulse Rifle"
Vasquez' gun has been slightly modified, just like the counterpart of Pvt. Drake
Section 1, led into combat by GySgt. Apone.
GySgt. Apone armed with VP-70 pistol, M240 Flamethrower and equipped with IR Binocculars
M41 "Pulse Rifle" on Apone's back, making him the best-armed Marine of the section :-)
AVP project: humans painted so far (January 2013)
So here we are, finally in the year 2013. Projects don't get completed as fast as I was hoping for. Serious illness of a family member prevents me from painting most of the stuff that sits on my table currently. Small progress was made over the weekend, as I finally was able to get at least section #1 of my Colonial Marines completed. Next addition will be the supporting characters like Gorman, Ripley, the Dropship crew etc.
Once again I am not completely satisfied - I just can't make it happen - faces on my miniatures still look horribly. 20+ years in the hobby and I still can't paint them to a comfortable standard :-( Maybe that's why I do prefer 28mm figures to have fully enclosed helmets?!

The long painting war continues...


Stargazer said...

Like them! Great paintjob and cool theme!

Semper Fidelis ^^

Nick Grant said...

They look amazing! Great job on the camo - just like the real thing!

pistolpete said...

don't sweat the faces - they look fine IMHO. a lot of 28mm faces have huge plate-sized eyeballs; you did a good job. those figs have enormous hands though.