Thursday, 17 January 2013

AVP: Alien Warriors

"They grow into killers in a matter of days" - Alien Warrior drone
Alien Warrior (rebased WizKids Horrorclix figures)
Since there is different types of Xenomorphs the bases are marked ("Warrior")
"They protect the Queen with their lives" - Alien Royal Guard
Three Royal Guards. These are even more dangerous than regular Warrior drones
First batch of Alien Xenomorphs ready for gaming
...there is way more where these are coming from :-)
As the core of my Colonial Marines is finished it was about time to add some stuff to the opposition. In this case it is going to be Aliens of two types to start my "hive": Warrior and Royal Guard drones. I am aware that the Pretorians (as the Guards are also known as) would normally look different, but there is no miniatures available for them and I wanted to have some variation in my forces.
So the climbing Alien figures are all going to be Royal Guards while the other miniatures are going to be either Warriors for the most part.
Royal Guards are rare and chances for them to appear will be low in our games, but naturally they will be encountered en masse if you are coming to close to a breeding chamber of a Queen.
The regular Warrior drones are what is going to be the main enemy encountered by Predators and Humans alike. I have a huge pile of these figures and there will be plenty of these - some 40 or so.

Bases are once again from Fenris Games, the Alien saliva is made out of glue. Just put a few drops down into an old lid of a bottle and wait a few minutes for the glue to start to bond. Then use a toothpick and start to pull drips of glue out of it - the glue starts to leave thin strings - and add it to the jaws of the Aliens. Done!


Mick said...

All the aliens figures you have posted photos on this blog look absolutely superb! I've rarely seen anyone with full sets of figures for an Alien based game, but yours fit to the aesthetics of the film so well.

I can't wait to see these in action!

Mr Grant said...

Very cool and clever stuff!