Sunday, 22 October 2017

AVP: Unleashed - a little preview (new models arrived)

Some new models have arrived at my house this week. More specifically a Predator Drone (as seen in Predators), two Colonial Marines Sergeants, a custom-built Machiko Noguchi human Predator and Predastore's "Victory Hunter", who will be turned into a "Tracker".

Predastore of Swiss is selling custom sculpts and until a few months ago still had a large range of not-Predators in their webstore. Nowadays you still might find some in retail stores or on ebay.

The Predator Drone is a custom sculpt from a nice chap who made his own and was able to recast it a few times. I got my hands on one of the copies.

Machiko Noguchi was built by a friend and I will paint her. The miniature is based upon Valerie Duval from Prodos' Warzone range and got kit-bashed with the Female Predator figure and some other parts to create the not yet released (if Prodos ever will!) Machiko. The character had a series of novels and comic books dedicated to her adventures.

The Sergeants are the standard version that was available to order during the KS campaign.

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