Tuesday, 3 May 2011

The Dragon Rises: ZSL-92 IFV (Type 92) ready to support the Battle For Skira

Good to be on vacation. You get stuff done, you know :-)

Finally painted up both S&S Models Type 92 (IIRC Shaun calls them WZ551 but that's the chassis only).
Two of the infantry fighting vehicles so far (more to come). Offering space for 9 soldiers and being amphibious as well as armed with a 25mm autocannon and a co-axial 7,62mm MG it adds quite a punch to my Chinese forces. Infantry NCO shown for scale.

Front view: mirrors, wheels and some other details I took from Revell plastic kits. Note the smoke dischargers on the turret front which I added as well.

Back view: The rear lights are taken from a Revell kit, but the resin hull has some to offer as well. Note the tools which I added.

Left side: The decals are from the same sheet I used for the ZTZ99b tank and came off ebay HK.

Note the rust marks I painted on with Vallejo Saddle Brown.

Right side: more tools (Revell) and the towing equipment above. You can see how the powder of Tamiya's weatherin master set was used to "dust" the tires and wheel houes. Before I apply such powders or pigments I normally start drybrushing with brown tones first.

A top view: it reveals the engine grilles and nicely shows the smoke dischargers on the turret as well as its 25mm cannon and co-ax MG. Note the panel lines that were pinwashed with Devlin Mud (GW) - a lot of work that seems to take forever.

Weathering detail shot: You just can't paint the realisic look of actual powders and pigments when you want to achieve a dusty and dirty look. This shot also shows how I used Saddle Brown for rust marks and battlefield damages. Note the exhaust's weathering, solely done with various brown shades of colour.

Exhaust detail shot: sorry for the bad pic, but I guess you get an idea how different shades of brown, applied in a random pattern of dots and lines, will make the metal look like it has been turned hot many times and is now totally rusty. I haven't used matt varnish yet, that's why the dark green is semi-glossy in those pics!

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Eli Arndt said...

Those ZSLs are cool enough to make me want to make a Chinese force. Great looking models and an awesome job of painting them!