Wednesday, 11 May 2011

HUMINT, May 2011, Vol. 2: new releases for gaming "moderns"

HUMINT = human intelligence. A new series of posts on my blog about news of various tabletop miniature producing companies concerning "moderns". The pictures were taken off the producers' catalogues with their prior permission. Cheers for that guys!
Links to their webshops can be found within the right column of my blog (see sources for 20mm....).

S&S Models releases for this month:

Taliban gun crew for ZSU-23-2 aa gun

a shot up pick-up and rubbish skips barricade

the shanty's are finaly ready to buy, either singley or in packs of 5 assorted

we also have a few more types of burning tyres and hasty barricades

a 6 fig range of again non specific usa gun armed, (m4's, minimi, ect), modern body armoured troops with bare heads or basebal caps (SOF, advisors, contractors, mercenaries etc)

"school bus" barricade

new items have been added to the packs to give more variety

Taliban gunner for aa gun

some police type paramilitaries, a range of 10 figs with berets and russian weapons

population, a range of african youth militia -

armed with a variety of weapons, ak's, pkm's, rpg's, fn's, gpmg ect, some are fully clothed others not,typical of the sort of child soldiers used in africa

ZPU-1 AA gun

the shanty detail pack:

20 piece random assortement of useful details like, washing lines, water tanks, tubs, girders, corugated tin, oil drums, doors and other usefull stuff

106mm recoilless rifle

the weapons fit into the resin technicals (note: there are ground and vehicle mount tripods)...

recoilless rifles fit the back of the HiLux and other technicals

african gunners for the aa gun

TheHobbyDen releases for May 2011:

Toyota HiLux without rear cabin.

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