Friday, 20 May 2011

They don't call it a "Predator" for nothing... MQ-1 Predator UAV (cleaning and touch ups WIP)

All right, so this is where the magic happens: I tried to remove the excess of oil paint from the panel wash (mind you - its more than 36 hours later!) and guess what: it works ! ! !

I never tried this technique before and I am stunned how good it works.

Just compare the pics from yesterday with those I made just a couple of minutes ago.

Thanks to the gloss varnish before adding the panel wash, I could simply rub off all excess of oil paint wash with an old cotton cloth onto which I applied some turpentine.

shot from above - now I am off to apply decals!
sensor turret details

Stunning: all those nice rivets and panels of the access lids

The panel lines now really stick out nicely.

Even if those panel lines are very very narrow, they still "pop out" of the grey now.


Vladdd309 said...

Wow! What a huge difference! Quality!

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