Friday, 13 May 2011

Modern US Army: MH-6 and AH-6J "Little Birds" work in progress (3)

Both "Little Birds" on their flight stands. Not really completely finished, but it gives an impression of how its going to look like.

The MH-6. The glass section of the canopy is a pain to fit. :-/

The SHQ pilots. Normally for Vietnam - but I think they well look the part for 160th SOAR from Mogadischu all the way to Iraq 2003.

The Business-End of an armed AH-6J "Little Bird". Ever since I was watching Black Hawk Down for the first time I adore those awesome little combat machines.

7-shot Hydra pods and M134 Miniguns...

Now I will need to put finishing touches to those models and start with the MH-60s.


Paul said...

Looking very fine Chris.Armed to the teeth suits them. The exhaust is spot on.

Nick Grant said...

Very very cool!


Anonymous said...

Very cool looking models.