Friday, 20 May 2011

Britannia Miniatures and Grubby Tanks - UPDATE

Piers asked me to post this:

"Spoke to Andy briefly last night and he has started production again of alot of the Britannia lines. He has been working pretty much flat out to get things going so if you are after stuff, drop him an email. Word of warning - Andy is REALLY busy so dont be surprised if it takes a day or two for him to get back to you. Finally, Andy hopes to get a new Britannia Miniatures website up and running. He has asked me to help illustrate it with pics so I hope to help him build something that will drive the business forward. He has also not forgotten Grubby Tanks and has loaded up several new images there too. All in all, he is working hard to get things sorted and he seems to be doing very well!"


Allan and Carmen said...

Great news!

I was excited to hear that we can still get Britannia models in the future!

Dave's legacy continues :)

Monty said...


Ed said...

I heard about this from the Grubby Tanks guys, at Salute. It's great news indeed. It was seeing Dave's 20mm vietnam minis way back in the day that inspired me to start wargaming (at the tender age of 14) I haven't looked back since.