Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Beasts Of War reviews Force On Force core rules

Check it out: Beasts Of War have made a review on Force On Force

In my opinion they should have taken themselves more time to point out, what really makes FoF different compared to other games in a "modern" setting. Lots of details they could have gotten into but didn't.

At least they finally have found out it exists. :-)


Monty said...

I usually love the BOW site and its various articles, but found this to be quite lazy and consisted of a cozy armchair chat with no board or models etc in sight. Hmmm...could do better to sell the game system as they do with others; oh, well...

Anton said...

beasts of war tend to be a mixed bag sometimes there reviews are really good sometimes a tad naff, but if they start to do some followup vids for FoF then I'll be happy, and I've already commented on the video with the reaction fire system that sets it apart from everything else ;)