Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Generic Iraqi force: UAZ 469 with AGS-17 "Plamyja"

After the rear roll bar cage had been assembled I had to think about the weapons I am going to mount. The kit of the UAZ offered a wide range of possible weapons but I had different plans. Being a huge fan of the explosive potential of an American Mk.19 40mm Automatic Grenade Launcher I came up with the plan of adding the Russian counterpart of this weapon to my UAZ.
The Russian AGS-17 "Plamyja" is a 30mm fully automatic grenade launcher that can toss the 29 linked rounds of its drum magazin over distances of more than 1700m in less than a minute! There is no plastic model for this weapon - so I had to come up with a full scratchbuild. Believe it or not, it consists out of nine individual parts. After I was fitting the weapon into place I sanded the base and used black primer spray to give the whole thing its undercoat. In my own opinion it turned out great. Now I only need to paint it in a decent way. Next vehicle will be another UAZ weapons carrier. But that one is going to feature a HMG.

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Anonymous said...

great achievement from a small operation for a ideal project.

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