Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Generic Iraqi Force: Mechanized infantry with BMP-2

Disclaimer: Two things I want you to know right away - a) the pictures show a BMP-2D which the Iraqis never had. This is an up-armoured version the Soviets created for the war in Afghanistan in the mid-80s. The Iraqis did have the regular BMP-2, which does not have the sideskirts and the additional armour plates on the turret! When I got my models I found out it were the wrong ones, but Mark had already painted them and I already paid him. They will be replaced with the correct ones some day. b) the pictures show eight dismounts, but the BMP-2 can only have seven. That's because I will replace the BMP-2 with the old BMP-1.
Above you can see my latest models for the Iraqi forces I create at the moment. I am going for a Mechanized Infantry platoon. Above you can see the first squad. They are miniatures made by RH Liberation and the BMP-2 is a resin wargaming model from S&S. All of them were painted by Mark from Red Line Painting Service. I added all markings and liscense plates to the vehicle (reference for that were photos I found in various magazines and bookes) and made all bases. More of these squads will follow so that I'll end up having three and a command squad.
Alongside the usual Ak-47 the squad carries a RPG-7 launcher and a RPD light machine gun.


Donogh said...

Really nice - I'm tempted by these guys (and to add fuel to the fire I've just started re-watching Generatio Kill)
Like your FAO too!

Chris M. aka "Sgt. Scream" said...

Thanks, buddy! Your recent miniatures look ace as well.
Kind of embarrassing though that I had to admit having the wrong BMP version *headbang*