Saturday, 6 March 2010

Generic Iraqi Force: Republican Guard Command Squad

Iraqi Republican Guard command squad created with RH Liberation Miniatures from Rolf Hedges, using his Iraqi range of figures. In the first picture from above, from left to right: RPG-7 gunner, radio operator with AK-47, officer in command, SA-7 "Grail" SAM gunner, guardsman with AK-47. All of them wear a mixture of different uniform patterns like I found them doing on most pictures around the world wide web (mostly the one-tone olive drab pattern and/or desert camo). I only added little details (like the safety warnings on the SAM launcher) and did the bases. The miniatures themselves were painted for me by Mark from Red Line Painting Service who did an outstanding job on them last year.
There is a whole platoon painted already and I need to get these damn bases finished off within the next days. Pictures of them will follow. Keep your comments coming (English please).

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