Thursday, 6 January 2011

First Miniatures are in! Preparing the little ones...

Yesterday the first (of many) packets has arrived. It included the heaviest of my House Kurita Elite Infantry cadre. "Battle Armor" - types "Kanazuchi" and "Ravager". Also included were two medium 40 ton Mechs "Targe", one going to the serve my very own 8th Dieron Regulars, the other opposing as 3rd Crucis Lancer of House Davion.

I ripped apart the "Targe's" clicky-base (wizkids dial) and left the upper part on their feet. It serves as perfect 45mm disc-shaped base. Only had to fill the gap where you read the clicky-dial with some green stuff.
The "Kanazuchi" Power Armored troops have been put on 30mm steel washers. I had to add a little "hill" of green stuff, as otherwise they will be a tad on the small side compared to 15mm pewter. Seen from distance you won't really be able to tell later.
The "Ravager" is huge for a Battle Armor. I have put these little shock troops on GW flight bases (small diameter, without the actual flight stand), they'll be looking fine - even directly next to 15mm troops. Once the green stuff and model putty has dried, I'll sand the bases and show you the pictures before they will be painted.
I have added a little flavour to the mix with minor conversions. For example I cut off some of the missile warheads in their launchers and drilled a hole into same spot - just like they've just been fired. I also did some re-posing on the "Ravager" armored troops.
House Davion's 3rd Crucis Lancers will get the traditional green paintjob with yellow trim, while the 8th Dieron Regulars utilize a disruptive camo pattern, which I have borrowed from a Warhammer 40,000 Imperial Guard regiment. (I know, I know, blasphemy that is! - but I liked the colours *blushes*). Stay tuned!

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Cronickain said...

Wunderbar! Cannot wait to see them!