Saturday, 26 March 2011

Arab / middle eastern style buildings - a review of The Colonial Steamboat Company's stuff

My ever-growing terrain collection got bigger recently. The houses I show to you below are from The Colonial Steamboat Company (see link list in the right-hand side column). Sometimes - if you are lucky - you can get your hands on items that aren't out of the ordinary range of models they sell (raw kits), but already painted and assembled perfectly. Those two buildings are such items, which I was able to win on ebay.
They are made out of some ultra-lightweight materiƩl and came sand-coloured.
I'll go and add some items from S&S to them, mainly satellite dishes and air conditioners.

As you can see they are quite big, at the moment they are the tallest of all buildings I have in my collection.
One building got a hallway right through it - its even wide enough for a Technical to hide within!
The stairs that lead to the upper floor are wide enough for a 20mm wide washer (base) to place miniatures on.
I love this particular building. It can contain a little bazaar. Very middle-eastern, just perfect for my games.
Again, the stairs are excellent to even place your troops upon. If you look at the door that leads to the roof, you can see its perfectly in scale for 20mm miniatures.
It got another entry on the opposite side. By the way - you can place miniatures inside. The floors are removable!
Second building, other side. The windows are perfectly cut out to fit the inner floors - figures will be located exactly where a real human being would be, when placed inside the building.
Really large buildings, compared to the tanks I placed for scale.
The roof has been removed: it even has rooms!!!
The inner floor has been taken out, you can see there is other rooms on first floor. That's what I call a detailed piece of wargaming terrain!
Same goes for the other building I got. Roofs and inner ceilings are removable.
First floor....
These buildings are by far some of the best wargaming terrain I ever had. Ultra-light, very sturdy and pre-painted for a decent price. If you consider buying middle-eastern terrain, don't miss those!
I will work them over to make their generic look a bit more Iraqi. With some posters and other small details they are going to lose their rural look and hopefully turn into some nice urban terrain.

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