Thursday, 28 April 2011

Force On Force: new website, new forum design, new Quickstart rules and free stuff


just posting to let you guys know about the new website of Ambush Alley Games being online now as well as the forum being re-designed and back up. If you haven't joined yet, now's the perfect time!

Furthermore there are new, free download Quick Start Rules that explain the basic game mechanics, so if you are interested in the game, why don't have a first glimpse at the core rules first? You can find them for free in the right column of this blog or at the new website of AAG.

Shawn and Peggy also have put out a free set of Fog Of War cards, so you can download them and don't have to damage your books. You can find them under "downloads" at the website or you can use my blog (right column).


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