Saturday, 2 April 2011

*whispers* - guess what's coming for Force On Force in 2012

...and NO, it is not an apocalypse supplement. :-D Joseph McCullough of Osprey Publishing was talking about them and Ambush Alley Games teaming up in an interview he did with meeples&miniatures on April 1, 2011 and how the release schedule is looking like for this year and the forthcoming year 2012. As it is already confirmed, 2011 will see the supplements called

  • Road To Baghdad

  • Enduring Freedom

  • Ambush Valley Vietnam

  • Cold War Gone Hot

while 2012 seems to be supposed to see the release of

  • Day Of The Rangers (new and expanded Somalia 1993 supplement)

  • Bush Wars (various African wars)

  • Contra (Central American conflicts, to include Panama and Grenada)

  • Fallujah (US forces in Iraq 2004, one of the bloodiest battles fought during the campaign)

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Anonymous said...

Excellent news... the Bush Wars and Contra books have a buyer here straight away... as does Ambush Valley.

It sounds like Force on Force has a healthy future!