Monday, 14 March 2011

Modern US Army: Abrams tanks WIP - hulls finished

If you look at the blog you can see I have been busy with writing recently which means I didn't do a lot of modelling. But that is about to change (once again). I finished both hulls for my 2nd platoon of Charly Company's Abrams tanks. Please DO NOT pay attention to the turrets. They aren't finished of course!
I have added the appropriate decals for my tanks, added some minor chipping and weathering effects, using different shades and tones for drybrushing and pin washes. Furthermore MIG pigments and Tamiya weathering powders were used on the armor plates and mine plow.
The exhaust of the turbine. The engine of the Abrams tank produces an enormous amount of heat. I drybrushed with black and two brigher tones of grey and finally added some pigments.
I love the way the lower section of the hull turned out after oil paint wash, pin washing pigment use. It looks dirty and heavily worn.
The mine plow. What appears to be wet mud is MIG pigments with fixer to hold them in place. The latter hasn't dried which makes it look wet. I hope this turns into a more dusty/sand mixture once it has dried - it wasn't supposed to look like wet mud. Oh, well....
Slightly different shades of desert camo - thanks to oil paints. Looks worn and torn.
Once again - don't look too close to the turrets. They aren't finised yet (they haven't even been started to be exactly. *LOL*)


Paul said...

Very Nice, I especially ike the mine plow effects.

Well done so far on these thirsty beasties.

west1871 said...

Cracking pair of Abrams.They would scare the crap out of me if they were bareing down on me.

Cheers Rich.

Jonathan said...

I really like how you make the hull look weathered without over doing it, I usually paint bigger models and find it hard to do 20mm without giving them a mud-bath. :)