Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Generic Iraqi Force: ZPU-4 anti air gun

The ZPU-4 is a towed, quadruple-barreled anti-aircraft gun based on the Soviet KPV 14.5 mm machine gun.

Apart from the gunner who I didn't even start to paint yet, the ZPU-4 gun for my Iraqi army is done.

20mm metal kit by RH Liberation. Painted in Russian Green (Vallejo), washed with thinned down oil paint Viridian (Norma oil paints), chipped with Dark Angels Green (GW) and Scorched Brown (GW) as well as Saddle Brown (Vallejo). Tires are NATO black (Tamiya).

The whole model was dusted using MIG pigments and Tamiya weathering powder. Not the best kit made by Rolf, but painted I really like it.


Paul said...

Ugly in a nice way. The painting looks spot on.

Regards Paul

west1871 said...

Nice little kit, and an unsual one at that.

Cheers Rich